Live a Character Focused Life

Children are often asked the question:

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Adults are often asked the question:

Where do you want to be five years from now?

I do not like these questions. At least not as standalone questions. These questions are great for getting an idea of a person’s vision, but should be followed up by questions that help us pinpoint ones inner values.

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Just Be A Human

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching which for many of us translates into Turkey and the onset of postprandial somnolence, also known as:

Food Coma

My hope is that we enjoy this luxury to the fullest. May we allow ourselves to give into the spirit of gratitude and to be human. To hit a hard reset and get back to the lost art of fully owning what we were created to be:

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Learning to Finish What You Start

Shout out to the beginners. Shout out to the self starters! Round of applause and medals galore for the folks that know how to bring food to the shore. & then can do it more and more and more! Until the whole store is filled!

If you came to my storefront you would find aisles of ideas. Thousands of aisles. You would quickly be disappointed as when you start walking down the beautiful glitter labeled aisles you would find nothing on the shelves. Maybe a few sketches of SKUs that could be. A store full of promises yet delivering nothing. How sad is this? How unfortunate that there are many storefronts like this that result in the owners shaking their fists when really they should be flicking their wrists to complete some ish!

Lord, help me to be a finisher! Help Us!

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Stepping Into The Day After Election Day

The election results are not known and many folks in the United States are sitting on the edge of their seats. Rightfully so, as there has been A LOT of divide in the American land. Regardless of which side folks stand on (#teambiden or #teamtrump) or those that remain central – this one fact remains.

God is on the Throne 

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